Sunday, January 5, 2014

Your Personal Health Code: How to Start Your Year Without Resolutions

New Year

'Rather than make resolutions you may not keep, why not create your own health code for 2014?

Are New Year’s resolutions necessary?

We make them all too easily, and break them just as readily. Why not try something bigger and more meaningful this year? Why not make your health a priority?

It’s not easy to achieve optimal wellness. It helps to have an overall plan, which you can call your personal health code.

Your Personal Health Code

Your personal health code is the strategy by which you conduct your life, including the daily details of how you live. This may involve your dietary choices, exercise habits, sleep routines, and nutritional philosophy.

Are you a vegetarian, vegan, cooked or raw foodie, or omnivore? Do you follow a traditional Chinese or other ethnic diet? Are you committed to the yogi lifestyle, including the Ayurveda philosophy, or someone who includes yoga postures into an overall fitness plan? Do you shop for clothing made from sustainable fabrics sewn in fair trade factories? Do you avoid GMO foods? You get the point, I’m sure.

Here are some suggestions on how to formulate your personal health code.' 


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