Saturday, January 11, 2014

Food can be medicine or poison --the choice is YOURS

'The other day, an acquaintance asked me for some advice for his wife, who has long suffered with symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. He explained that her symptoms had gotten so bad that she was barely able to leave the home, and that their social life had become non-existent. 

Typically, I find that I can't really be of service when a person asks for help for someone else. If the person who is experiencing symptoms won't ask for help directly, well, over the years, I have found that in most such cases, there isn't enough desire to make the changes needed to experience a turnaround.

Still, after asking several questions and learning more about this fellow's wife, I asked him to have her get back to me with a detailed list of what she eats and drinks in a typical week. I explained that in reviewing her diet, I would be happy to share any suggestions that came to mind.' 


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