Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The weirdest cancer stories of 2013


'As you can imagine, I’m constantly keeping an eye on cancer-related news, mostly related to the latest anti-cancer nutrition research as well as the failings of conventional cancer treatment, but in the midst of sifting through these stories all year, I also see some pretty strange stuff.

As much as I want to post all the strange headlines I come across, which would certainly get me more web traffic, it’s more important to me to not clutter up the blog with a bunch of stories that may be interesting but really aren’t helpful.

So instead of doing that, I’ve collected the weirdest cancer stories that came across my screen in 2013 and put them together in a year-end wrap up for you.

Attempted murder, theft, fraud, espionage, embezzlement… and that’s just the doctors.



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