Friday, January 3, 2014

Most People are Dangerously Vitamin D Deficient in Winter -

 winter scene

'‘During the shorter days of winter and early spring, your body may be missing the invaluable Vitamin D needed for optimum health and disease prevention, according to Creighton University researcher Joan Lappe, Ph.D.

During the summer, the body can convert solar energy into ample amounts of vitamin D with just 10-15 minutes of daily exposure to sun. That is not possible during the winter and early spring months when the angle of the sun sinks lower into the southern hemisphere.

Dr. Lappe, who is a professor of medicine and holder of the Criss/Beirne Endowed Chair in the Creighton School of Nursing, goes on to say that if you live at latitudes above the 37th parallel, you may be getting little or no Vitamin D at all during winter months.’'


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