Thursday, October 3, 2013

Penn Orthopaedics and Coach Dick Vermeil: A Perfect Match

More than 30 years have passed since one of the most distinguished coaches in NFL history paced the sidelines of Veteran’s Stadium each game day. His legacy has only grown since his departure. An impeccable work ethic, a burning passion to succeed, a positive attitude and a drive for perfection has made Coach Dick Vermeil one of the most beloved sports figures in Philadelphia history.

Dick Vermeil
Dick Vermeil
Similarly, Penn Orthopaedics has used those same attributes that led Coach Vermeil to his on-field success to become one of the best in the nation for outstanding orthopaedic care. A team with years of experience, the highly skilled and highly specialized team at Penn Orthopaedics treats each patient with a personalized approach.

A few years ago, Coach Vermeil was one of those patients. He was experiencing severe pain in his right hip due to arthritis. Just as fans turn to the Coach for his football expertise, Coach Vermeil turned to the pros at Penn Orthopaedics for his hip replacement.

Now, in the weekly feature, Ask the Coach sponsored by Penn Orthopaedics, Coach Vermeil will give his thoughts on a variety of topics during the Eagles Countdown to Kickoff show on SportsRadio 94 WIP. Listen to the show to hear more about Coach Vermeil’s thoughts on the Eagles, coaching decisions, and the NFL standings.

And be sure to check out the new Coach Vermeil website for exclusive interview excerpts and the story of his successful hip operation.

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