Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Screening for Testicular and Prostate Cancer

Testicular CancerDid you know that testicular cancer and prostate cancer are not only the most common types of cancer in men, but are highly curable when found and treated early? Luckily, both of these cancer types can often be detected early in their development through simple tests, allowing doctors to begin treatment quickly.

Screening for Testicular Cancer
Most women know how to perform a monthly breast self-exam to detect a cancerous lump. But did you know men can perform a testicular self-exam using a simple, three step exam performed at home?

Get more information and tips on how to perform a self-exam.
Should you be Screened for Prostate Cancer?
All men aged 50 or older are encouraged to get a screening for prostate cancer, but men at risk are especially encouraged. High risk includes:
  • Men aged 45 who are African American
  • Men with a father or brother who had prostate cancer before the age of 65
Screenings consist of a physical exam and a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test - a simple blood test that your doctor can perform to determine your PSA levels. A high PSA level can indicate a problem with your prostate, which may or not be prostate cancer.

Diagnosed with Cancer?
If either of these tests lead to a cancer diagnosis, understanding your options is critical. The Abramson Cancer Center offers patients a wide array of the most advanced options available, including minimally invasive and robotic surgical options, and proton therapy, the most advanced form of radiation therapy available.

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