Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Healthy Medicine #118: The Diet Cure

Dr Zieve talks with best-selling author and nutritional psychotherapist Julia Ross about the benefits of amino acid therapy in addressing food-addiction and mood problems.

Julia Ross is a pioneer in the field of nutritional psychotherapy and a specialist in the treatment of eating disorders and addictions. She has founded and directed six successful recovery programs since 1980 in the San Francisco Bay area. Ross is a popular and compelling speaker who has made hundreds of presentations to introduce the public to the extraordinary benefits of nutrient therapy and biochemical rebalancing. Ross' best-selling book, The Diet Cure, has sold over 150,000 copies in the US UK and Australia. Her second book, The Mood Cure, was released in paperback in 2004 and became a finalist for the Books for a Better Life Award. Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, San Francisco Examiner Magazine, and Alternative Medicine and Natural Health. Julia holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and is the executive director of The Recovery Systems Clinic in Mill Valley, California. Read more at

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